A little about me.

Hello Bloggers everywhere! *waves*

My name is Adam, but please call me Raddish. I’m 25 and I live in Rutland, which interestingly is England’s smallest county. I am working towards a HND Level 3 in Mixed Farming and to facilitate this I live and work on a Sheep farm.

Currently my Boss and his Wife are on holiday, so contrary to what I’ve already told you I’m not actually living on the farm at the moment. From the eve of their departure until early in the new year I will be residing in a shared house in the next town over.

Normally, when I’m living on the Farm, I awake on Saturday at a respectable hour, have some Breakfast and go about my business of feeding the animals which are on site. Here’s a quick breakdown of my morning.

20 Horned Adult Rams
17 Hogget Rams
22 Commercial Adult Rams
8 ‘OAP’ Ewes
10 ICU (Sick) Ewe&Ram Lambs
30 Juvenile Mixed Rams
136 ‘Store’ Ewes
7 Dogs
1 Turkey

As you can see, that’s enough feeding to keep one man fairly busy. It usually takes me about One and a half hours to provide feed stuff, hay, water and bedding as well walking the fields on site to check for problems.

Currently in addition to this I have to drive from Uppingham (shared house) to Brooke (Sheep Farm), which is about 6 miles down snaking countryside tracks on my Honda Scooter via Kinnachan (home farm) where the dogs have been temporarily moved to.

So my day today worked out like this.


I awoke at a quite respectable 9.00 and stumbled downstairs in search of the three C’s … Coffee, Cereal and of course, Cigarette. A short time later I was suited and booted, sat astride my Bike and ready to go.
My first task of the day was to drive to Kinnachan (approximately two miles away) and give one of the Dogs his morning medicine – which he gobbled down eagerly (I think the tin of dog meat helped somewhat). Whilst I was there I had a look around to check all was well (all was well) and before I knew it I was on my Bike again manfully driving towards Brooke. I took my time driving there as it was freezing last night and there were patches of ice all over the place.

After a cold, windy ride I arrived at Brooke alive and well – ready for my duties.

First I attended to the Cat, who was waiting for me by the door, demanding her food (it’s amazing how humans are subservient to cats) and I checked the post (nothing exciting) before heading in to the Feeds room where I had to prepare the feeds for all of the animals listed above (minus the dogs who are being fed by someone else currently).

It takes me about 20minutes to prepare all the various mixes and combinations for all the animals, but I’m well versed now so I can do it without thinking too hard.
After attending to all the animals in the barns and on the site immediately around me I was faced with my daily punishment of taking three bags of feed (25kilos each) and four bales of Hay (20-30kilos each) across two fields to the Store Ewes. Now currently we’re without a 4×4 on site since it’s in the shop being serviced so rather than making three trips as I usually do I decided that I could make the journey in the large white Transit Van that was on site doing nothing. It was cold and the ground was frozen so I didn’t have to worry about lasting damage to the grass.

I loaded the Van and reversed it out of the Yard and in to the field where once I’d closed the gate behind me it proceeded to sit and do nothing more productive than spin its wheels in the semi-frozen mud that surrounds the gateway. After a few attempts it became clear that the Van wasn’t going anywhere quickly and all I was succeeding in doing was leaving wheel spin marks in the grass. I reversed the Van out and put it away and considered my other options.
Next I found myself in the Tractor, which had a bucket on the front that I could load the feed bags and Hay Bales in to. Excellent. I rummaged out the keys for it and cleared space in the Yard for it to come past since it was hidden around the back where the naughty boys couldn’t see it.
For those not familiar with Tractors, it takes two keys to start them. An immobiliser key which enabled the electrics and an ignition key for the engine. I turned the key and instead of hearing the healthy roar of 105HP ot the splutterings of a flat battery and a barrage of warning lights. This was rather odd since I’d used the Tractor a week before to move some trailers around and it was working fine. It’s impossible to leave the radio on or forget about the lights as by removing the immobiliser key you’re disconnecting the battery from the rest of the vehicle.

Now what with the Van not being able to drive across the field and the tractor not working I’d spent more time faffing around with machines that it would have taken me to wheelbarrow the three trips of food and hay. Life’s funny that way.

So I manned up, walked the feed across the field and checked that everyone was doing fine.

After that I locked up and headed on back to the shared house for some lunch, a coffee and ‘net.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching questionable movies on more4 (or something like that) until Six o’clock came around and I was forced by my duties back outside in to the cold where I had to drive to Kinnachan and give the Dog his evening medicine. I checked the post outside and made sure everything was as it should be (and it was) before heading back to the shared house to curl up in my sleeping bag and try and stay warm (this is a ridiculously cold house and I’m not turning the heating up any more than it absolutely necessary).

There are two others living here with me currently (or I suppose I should say that I’m living with them)
An English man called Steve and a Spanish lad called Marc. Marc disappeared off to Oakham to watch the football in a pub and I said I’d stay up so I could let him back in (and so I can take a photo of him wasted xD)

Tomorrow is exactly the same plan, but with the addition of watering the vegetables in the Poly Tunnel at Kinnachan and pressure washing and disinfecting a one of the Barns at Brooke.

The boss returns a week on Monday, so even when this weekend is completed I’ve still got another weekend of working alone to look forward to.

So this is my first post of my first blog. I’ve probably rambled a bit and given information that isn’t really  interesting or relevant – but my writing style can only improve and we do all kinds of random stuff on the Farm so watch this space for more excitement.

Until next time…

Professor Raddish 


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  1. Im druuuunk and its late and hot anf i have work in a few hours. Nice blog xox

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