Innovative Time Keeping

Trust the Japanese to come up with this…


Dear Diary

I’m a day late, but I’m going to persevere and post anyway.


Every two weeks I get up very early and toddle off down to Moulton College to spend a day doing paperwork to support my Apprenticeship. Last Wednesday I would have been at College, but they are closed for the Easter Holidays. Instead I got to take a day off work and spend it sat in the Dining Room doing Evidence Sheets. I managed to do all of the Job Sheets that I had pending and even got some Photo Evidence Sheets sorted, so all in all it was a very productive day. My time here at the Farm ends when my course is completed. – so it’s in my interest to get this paperwork done and out of the way PDQ.
Of course the morning was filled the wonders of feeding the Sheep.
At 8.00pm I made my way down to the Merry Monk pub in Oakham where I run a Rock Night every second Wednesday. So far turn out has been pretty poor, but tonight was a real success!
I had sorted a great playlist beforehand and it paid dividends since there were people on the dance floor and people bought me drinks. I wrapped it up early at midnight since the booze had been flowing a little too freely and the punters were getting a little raucous. 


 We fed the beasties


We met up with James afterwards and headed down to Wardley to continue hedging.
A rather uneventful day had to be honest.


A very pretty moonscape to wrap up the evening with and then Joe made Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner. Delicious.


Cats that can Instant Message?

So I was stumbling around the Internet t’other day, when I came across


Louis vs. Rick – The story of a man who taught his cat how to instant message.
There are only thirteen of them made so far, but I sincerely hope the creator keeps making more.



Friday Foto Finder – Dedication


I sat and thought about this long and hard and after sifting through my photos I decided that when it comes to dedications – there’s only one photo I have that properly fits the bill.
The Taj Mahal is a marble mausoleum built by the Mughal emperor Shar Jahan in memory of his third wife Mumtaz Muhal. 
In 1631 the emperor was grief stricken when his wife died during the birth of his 14th child, Gauhara Begum. Construction began in 1632 with the principle mausoleum being completed in 1648 and the surrounding buildings and garden were finished five years later. Emperor Shar Jahan described the Taj in these words:

Should guilty seek asylum here,
Like one pardoned, he becomes free from sin.
Should a sinner make his way to this mansion,
All his past sins are to be washed away.
The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs;
And the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes.
In this world this edifice has been made;
To display thereby the creator’s glory.


That’s enough Wikipedia for now.

Basically I feel that to build a tomb of such proportions shows a certain <b> dedication </b> to a person and their memory. Sure, you can say it’s extravagant, costly and wholly unnecessary, but as a symbol to the power of love between two people — there’s not much that can better that.


Friday Foto Finder (belated)

Friday Foto Finder

Sorry for the ‘tardy’ submission, but Gitwizard only told me about the Friday Foto Finder last night.

Here is my submission:

WELCOME (to the world)

Again, sorry for my lateness.


The Quest of Gimmesome Roy

I was Stumble’ing around on the Internet a while back when I came across this Youtube Clip. I was never a great fan of Poetry and I still remember the suffering that I endured studying Poetry at School.

This proves to be a notable exception. Please, tell me what you think.

There once was a boy named Gimmesome Roy. He was nothing like me or you.
‘Cause laying back and getting high was all he cared to do.
It started when he was a boy, sitting in his basement, sniffing on airplane glue.
And then he started smoking banana peels — which back then was the thing to do.
He tried aspirin in Coca-Cola, sniffed helium on the sly,
And his life became an endless search to find that perfect high.
Smoking grass just made him lay back and eat chocolate-chip pizza all night,
And the beautiful things he wrote while stoned looked like shit by the morning light.
Speed just made him rap all day, reds just laid him back,
And Cocaine Rose was sweet to his nose, but the price nearly broke his back.
He tried PCP and THC, but they didn’t quite do the trick,
Poppers nearly blew his heart and mushrooms made him sick.
Acid made him see the light, but he couldn’t remember it long.
And hashish was just a bit too weak, and smack was a lot too strong,
And Quaaludes made him stumble, and booze just made him cry,
Till he heard of a cat named Baba Fats who knew of the perfect high.

Now, Baba was this hermit cat who lived up in Nepal,
On a far and lonely mountain top, up a high and icy wall.
“But hell,” says Roy, “I’m a healthy boy, and I’ll crawl or climb or fly,
But I will pursue that guru who knows the perfect high.”
So out and off goes Gimmesome Roy to the land that knows no time,
Up a trail no man could conquer to a cliff no man could climb.
For fourteen years he climbs that cliff, then back down again he slides
Then sits — and cries — and climbs again, pursuing the perfect high.
He’s grinding his teeth, he’s coughing blood, he’s aching and shaking and weak,
As starving and sore and bleeding and tore, he reaches the mountain peak.
And he blinked just once with his snow-blind eyes, and he snarls the snarl of a rat,
As there in perfect repose and wearing no clothes — sits the godlike Baba Fats.

“What’s happening, Fats?” says Roy with joy, “I’ve come to state my biz.
I hear you’re hip to the perfect trip. Please tell me what it is.
For you can see,” says Roy to he, “that I’m about to die,
So for my last ride, Fats, how can I achieve the perfect high?”
“Well, dog my cats!” says Baba Fats. “here’s one more burnt-out soul,
Who’s looking for some alchemist to turn his trip to gold.
But you won’t find it in no dealer’s stash, or on no druggist’s shelf.
Son, if you would seek the perfect high — find it in yourself.”

“Why, you jive motherfucker!” screamed Gimmesome Roy, “I’ve braved wind, rain, snow and sleet,
I’ve lost three fingers off my hands and four toes off my feet!
I’ve braved the lair of the polar bear and tasted the maggot’s kiss.
Now, you tell me the high is in myself. What kind of bull shit is this?
My ears ‘fore they froze off,” says Roy, “had heard all kind of crap,
But I didn’t climb for fourteen years to listen to this sophomore rap.
And I didn’t come all this way to hear that the high is on the natch,
So you tell me where the real stuff is or I’ll kill your guru ass!”

“Ok, OK,” says Baba Fats, “you’re forcing it out of me.
There is a land beyond the sun that’s known as Zaboli.
And in this devil’s garden blooms the mystic Tzu-Tzu tree.
And every ten years it blooms one flower as white as the Key West sky,
And he who eats of the Tzu-Tzu flower will know the perfect high.
For the rush comes on like a tidal wave and it hits like the blazing sun.
And the high, it lasts a lifetime and the down don’t ever come.
But the Zaboli land is ruled by a giant who stands twelve cubits high.
With eyes of red in his hundred heads, he waits for the passers-by.
And you must slay the red-eyed giant, and swim slimy sea,
Where the mucous beasts, they wait to feast on suckers like you and me.
And if you survive the giant and the beasts and swim that slimy sea,
There’s a blood-drinking witch who sharpens her teeth as she guards that Tzu-Tzu tree.”
“To hell with your witches and giants,” laughs Roy. “To hell with the beasts of the sea.
As long as the Tzu-Tzu flower blooms, some hope still blooms for me.”
And he twirls around, does a little dance and hands the guru a five,
And out and off goes Gimmiesome Roy, pursuing that perfect high.

“Well, that is that,” says Baba Fats, sitting back down on his stone,
Facing another thousand years of talking to God alone.
“It seems to me”, says Fats, “it’s always the same, old men or bright-eyed youth,
It’s always easier to sell them some shit than it is to tell them the truth.”

I have altered the original text slightly to suit a) the style of the video I linked earlier and b) because I think this altered version sounds a little bit better.

If you are curious, the original lyrics can be found here

Until next time,


A little about me.

Hello Bloggers everywhere! *waves*

My name is Adam, but please call me Raddish. I’m 25 and I live in Rutland, which interestingly is England’s smallest county. I am working towards a HND Level 3 in Mixed Farming and to facilitate this I live and work on a Sheep farm.

Currently my Boss and his Wife are on holiday, so contrary to what I’ve already told you I’m not actually living on the farm at the moment. From the eve of their departure until early in the new year I will be residing in a shared house in the next town over.

Normally, when I’m living on the Farm, I awake on Saturday at a respectable hour, have some Breakfast and go about my business of feeding the animals which are on site. Here’s a quick breakdown of my morning.

20 Horned Adult Rams
17 Hogget Rams
22 Commercial Adult Rams
8 ‘OAP’ Ewes
10 ICU (Sick) Ewe&Ram Lambs
30 Juvenile Mixed Rams
136 ‘Store’ Ewes
7 Dogs
1 Turkey

As you can see, that’s enough feeding to keep one man fairly busy. It usually takes me about One and a half hours to provide feed stuff, hay, water and bedding as well walking the fields on site to check for problems.

Currently in addition to this I have to drive from Uppingham (shared house) to Brooke (Sheep Farm), which is about 6 miles down snaking countryside tracks on my Honda Scooter via Kinnachan (home farm) where the dogs have been temporarily moved to.

So my day today worked out like this.


I awoke at a quite respectable 9.00 and stumbled downstairs in search of the three C’s … Coffee, Cereal and of course, Cigarette. A short time later I was suited and booted, sat astride my Bike and ready to go.
My first task of the day was to drive to Kinnachan (approximately two miles away) and give one of the Dogs his morning medicine – which he gobbled down eagerly (I think the tin of dog meat helped somewhat). Whilst I was there I had a look around to check all was well (all was well) and before I knew it I was on my Bike again manfully driving towards Brooke. I took my time driving there as it was freezing last night and there were patches of ice all over the place.

After a cold, windy ride I arrived at Brooke alive and well – ready for my duties.

First I attended to the Cat, who was waiting for me by the door, demanding her food (it’s amazing how humans are subservient to cats) and I checked the post (nothing exciting) before heading in to the Feeds room where I had to prepare the feeds for all of the animals listed above (minus the dogs who are being fed by someone else currently).

It takes me about 20minutes to prepare all the various mixes and combinations for all the animals, but I’m well versed now so I can do it without thinking too hard.
After attending to all the animals in the barns and on the site immediately around me I was faced with my daily punishment of taking three bags of feed (25kilos each) and four bales of Hay (20-30kilos each) across two fields to the Store Ewes. Now currently we’re without a 4×4 on site since it’s in the shop being serviced so rather than making three trips as I usually do I decided that I could make the journey in the large white Transit Van that was on site doing nothing. It was cold and the ground was frozen so I didn’t have to worry about lasting damage to the grass.

I loaded the Van and reversed it out of the Yard and in to the field where once I’d closed the gate behind me it proceeded to sit and do nothing more productive than spin its wheels in the semi-frozen mud that surrounds the gateway. After a few attempts it became clear that the Van wasn’t going anywhere quickly and all I was succeeding in doing was leaving wheel spin marks in the grass. I reversed the Van out and put it away and considered my other options.
Next I found myself in the Tractor, which had a bucket on the front that I could load the feed bags and Hay Bales in to. Excellent. I rummaged out the keys for it and cleared space in the Yard for it to come past since it was hidden around the back where the naughty boys couldn’t see it.
For those not familiar with Tractors, it takes two keys to start them. An immobiliser key which enabled the electrics and an ignition key for the engine. I turned the key and instead of hearing the healthy roar of 105HP ot the splutterings of a flat battery and a barrage of warning lights. This was rather odd since I’d used the Tractor a week before to move some trailers around and it was working fine. It’s impossible to leave the radio on or forget about the lights as by removing the immobiliser key you’re disconnecting the battery from the rest of the vehicle.

Now what with the Van not being able to drive across the field and the tractor not working I’d spent more time faffing around with machines that it would have taken me to wheelbarrow the three trips of food and hay. Life’s funny that way.

So I manned up, walked the feed across the field and checked that everyone was doing fine.

After that I locked up and headed on back to the shared house for some lunch, a coffee and ‘net.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching questionable movies on more4 (or something like that) until Six o’clock came around and I was forced by my duties back outside in to the cold where I had to drive to Kinnachan and give the Dog his evening medicine. I checked the post outside and made sure everything was as it should be (and it was) before heading back to the shared house to curl up in my sleeping bag and try and stay warm (this is a ridiculously cold house and I’m not turning the heating up any more than it absolutely necessary).

There are two others living here with me currently (or I suppose I should say that I’m living with them)
An English man called Steve and a Spanish lad called Marc. Marc disappeared off to Oakham to watch the football in a pub and I said I’d stay up so I could let him back in (and so I can take a photo of him wasted xD)

Tomorrow is exactly the same plan, but with the addition of watering the vegetables in the Poly Tunnel at Kinnachan and pressure washing and disinfecting a one of the Barns at Brooke.

The boss returns a week on Monday, so even when this weekend is completed I’ve still got another weekend of working alone to look forward to.

So this is my first post of my first blog. I’ve probably rambled a bit and given information that isn’t really  interesting or relevant – but my writing style can only improve and we do all kinds of random stuff on the Farm so watch this space for more excitement.

Until next time…

Professor Raddish