The Creature that Crawled in the Sky

I don’t know if you are the same, but when I come across a web comic whilst browsing the Internet – I feel compelled to go back to the very beginning and read them all. Now in the case of Louis vs. Rick (my last post) that isn’t too difficult since there’s only 13 comics made.

Last year I came across Calvin and Hobbes (I’d never heard of them before. Yeah, yeah – I know, how’d I miss that?!) and that was a very long weekend of reading. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Dilbert.

Whilst considering this neurosis of mine earlier today, I remembered a comic that I haven’t been following for quite a while now – so I went in to the Archives to find where I was last and I suddenly remembered a fantastic post from a few years ago.

Have a little read and I hope you’ll agree with me.

o far, so good – continue reading for some more questionable rhyming.

Bizarrester, what a great word. I’m going to try and use that in a sentence.

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